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Custom made constructions

Custom work for your requirements

Besides standardized products based on our modular system we are welcome to offer you a custom made solution. No matter whether you need a special distributor to hold more elements than a filter and serve specific functions or you wish to adjust standard components to your requirements. Your construction department works on a powerful CAD software SolidWorks to quickly and flexibly modify existing concepts.

We manufacture from single filters over batteries and aggregates on racks up to fully equipped shipping containers. Whatever it takes to secure a safe and reliable filtration for your system.

Thanks to our know-how regarding the forming of steel and stainless steel, we can offer small series and single units as custom constructions.

Examples for custom constructions

  • Equipped shipping containers
  • Filter aggregates
  • Stream distributors
  • Racks
  • Components for electro industries
  • Components for autmation systems
  • Bauteile für Automatisierungssysteme
  • Vacuum switches
  • Inset sockets
  • LED housings
  • Housings of all types
  • Heat storages
  • and much more

Continuous support from first to last step

Especially on custom made solutions we support and accompany you from request to commissioning. The construction will be divided in multiple work stages, separately modeled and finally manufactured in-house – all “made in Germany” with the highest standards in quality and reliability.

Contact us, we will find an economic handling!