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Drum filters

Permanently in use

TrommelbandfilterDrum filters are used specially to hold back suspended flakes. Those particles need to be at least 5 µm in diameter to remain in the fleece. The blocked filter fleece is collected automatically and can be disposed as whole with the dirt. This way, your fluid is kept clean continuously and the dirt load is reduced significantly.

The drum filter perfectly fits for the solid / liquid separation of waste water from aquaPROFI filters. Recycle even the filtration waste water for zero discharge!


  • Filtration: manuell (mechanisch)
  • Piping connections: variable, depending on design
  • Fineness: 5 µm
  • Filter material: mainly organic fabrics
  • Filter size: belt sizes variable, depending on design
  • Cleaning process: mechanically by a planetary gearing
  • maximaler Betriebsdruck: pressureless
  • Temperature: -10 °C to +110 °C
  • Accessories: manometer, differential pressure sensor, valves (manual, electrial or pneumatical)

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