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Oil and fuel filters

Mulit element filter

Reliable separation of water from fuels

MehrelementefilterThe multi element filter consists of a housing containing multiple filter candles. The cylindrical form of the candles reduced the flow rate. Through this, the water can settle from the fuel.

A capacitive sensor monitors the rising water level during operation. The sensor triggers the water discharge mechanism when a critical set point is reached. The process repeats itself until the filter candles need a service for cleansing. The necessity for a service is displayed by a differential pressure manometer which monitors the difference between input and output of the filter.

The housing on the inside is usually uncoated, while the outside can be varnished in any desired colour. A robust powder-coating is also possible. We are very flexible in design and adjustment of this system to your requirements.

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Technical data:

  • Pressure: 16 bar (PN10/16, others on request)
  • Flow rate: 25 m³/h at DN50
  • Housing, optional, as required and stability:
    • 1.4301 (ASI304), 1.4571 (ASI316), steel S235, P235
    • S235, P235
  • Coating: none, varnished, powder-coated
  • Piping connections:
    • R1" Input / outlet
    • R1" water level sensor
    • R1/2" temperature sensor
    • R1/2" Temperatursensor
    • weitere Anschlüsse auf Anfrage
  • Cylinder candles: 1.4401
  • Filter screen: 1.4401 or 1.4404
  • Candle size: on demand, standard 38"
  • Seals: NBR/Grafit
  • Filter size: ca. 2600 cm²
  • Weight: ca. 55 kg
  • Pressure drop: < 0,2 bar clean
  • Lid: Threated lid (standard) with vent valve or Quick lock lid

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